Dear Colleagues,

We are now in the planning stages for the next Conney Conference on Jewish Arts. As you know we are in unprecedented times, so as we work on the next conference, we need to remain flexible with scheduling and other details. We want very much to present the conference as a live, in-person event, so we are waiting to see how and when that might be possible. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience. We are pleased to announce the next Conney Conference on Jewish Arts with the date to be announced as soon as possible.

The Jewish Arts in an Expanded Field

The conference will address themes of interdisciplinarity, diversity and intersectionality in the changing landscape of the Jewish Arts. In a moment in which we are experiencing a generational shift among Jewish identifying artists to a more inclusive and polyvocal, fluid understanding of Jewish identity, the politics of Jewishness are foregrounded in astounding new ways. From graphic novels to digital art and highly charged dance and performance, to theater, music and literature, we see both a return to ritual and a search for new narratives of the contemporary Jewish experience. The 8th iteration of the Conney Conference on Jewish Arts will focus on the remarkable evolution of the field as it has expanded into the future while acknowledging its own histories.

Keynote Speaker

Aimee Rubensteen is an Acquisitions Curator for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, independent curator, writer, and art historian. Aimee is a founding editor of PROTOCOLS, a cultural journal whose mission is to publish provocative writing and art from across the global Jewish diaspora. Aimee earned her master’s degree at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, and co-founded Rojas + Rubensteen Projects in Miami. Her curatorial projects in physical and virtual spaces extend beyond viewing artwork to touching, listening, smelling, and questioning art. |


The Conney Project on Jewish Arts is directed by professor Douglas Rosenberg and made possible by the generosity of Mildred and Marv Conney through the UW-Madison Center for Jewish Studies.

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Artwork credit: Beth Shadur; Witness; watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, collage. | Instagram: @bethshadur